Freenote's Wing

2.7 Mb .pcmsynth .instr

Kid's Glockenspiel

1.8 Mb .pcmsynth .instr

Muted Glockenspiel

1.3 Mb .pcmsynth .instr


2.2 Mb, .pcmsynth .instr

Hank Drum



1.2 Mb .beatbox





PVC Flute


Listed above are several instruments which I took ("one-shot") recordings of individual notes from simply using an SM57 (and AKG D112) microphone(s) and an M-audio interface. Those recordings were subsequently mapped for use in Android/iOS music production apps; specifically Caustic's PCMsynth/Beatbox machines and/or FLStudio Mobile's Directwave Sampler.

Clicking on the company logos will lead to links to download the samplesets in the respective formats from the company forums.

I would like to provide more formats and more intuitive download methods at a later date, and also include tutorial videos.

The media players below each instrument image play a short demo .mp3 created using each sampleset.